8 Reminders to Help You Grow This Year

You know that feeling you get on December 1st every year?

You say to yourself…”Where did the time go? I can’t believe this year is almost over!”

Many of us then look back on the year and see several things we regret doing or NOT doing for ourselves. Whether you wanted to lose weight, quit smoking, or save more money, you know you could have made more progress than you did.

This was definitely how I was feeling last month. I had ended a relationship with someone I was dating earlier in the year, and there were several areas of life I wanted to focus on more now that I was single.

But before long, I settled into cruise control mode, coasting through my days without much consideration, intention, or purpose.

I started making new “friends” by meeting lots of new people. Shopping became almost a daily ritual. And unfortunately I set the pace of my next day by having a “nightcap” glass of wine before bed almost every night.

And then it came…the same time it does every year…New Year’s Day. And like every year, I found a new energy to do those things that really mattered to me. Just like the year before.

If that sounds familiar, we may be in the same place right now. Very intent on growing personally this year…but how? As basic as it may sound, the most productive thing you can do today is write out a list of your priorities this year. No, not on a piece of paper…on your phone. That way you can reference back to it often.

Here are a few ideas…

1. Think positively.

2. Eat healthy.

3. Exercise today.

4. Worry less.

5. Work hard.

6. Have fun.

7. Laugh often.

8. Sleep well.


(Download this growth affirmation now!)

My prayer for you and I in 2016 is that we will experience growth in every area of life, more than in any other year. If you a struggling in life right now, you are not alone. Many of us are right there with you, working hard to feel better, think more clearly, and keep our lives on track.

This is precisely why I launched Feel Free to Grow. If you’re struggling, I am here to help. From regular blog posts focusing on inspirational advice and practical tips for life, love and more, to growth affirmations, and even personal, one on one life coaching…if you need me, I am here. If you’d like my articles delivered directly to your email, subscribe here for free. Also, please share this article with your friends using the links below!


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