Holiday Trimming

Listen. I realize it’s the holiday season, and you feel the pressure to make everyone happy in your life right now. But let me give you a piece of advice. Cut out the negativity from your personal life. Cut out the time-wasters and excuse makers. Cut out those who refuse to grow, and those who try to stop up your flow. Feel free to borrow my scissors, I keep them sharp. YOLO isn’t just a saying. You really only live this life once! Don’t waste another 25 days of this year settling for relationships that drain you and strain you. Cutting someone out of your life doesn’t mean you don’t love them; it just means you love yourself more.
In my book Satisfy Your Soul I recommend considering a few things when evaluating whether a particular relationship is enriching your life:
  • Are they committed to excellence?
  • Do we bring out the best in each other?
  • Does this relationship refresh me or drain me?
Once you’re able to determine what relationships deserve your effort, you can begin to invest your most valuable life resources (time, energy, and money) into growing them. After all, healthy relationships are an important key to living your dreams. Healthy relationships will be a support system to your dreams. Unhealthy relationships will be violently destructive to your dreams.

My passion is the privilege of personally investing in the lives of others. I receive messages regularly from countless people asking for guidance and advice. The issues people ask for help with typically revolve around 3 relationships:

  • the relationship with themselves
  • the relationship with others
  • and the relationship with their dreams

You see, life obstacles tend to make their home in one of these three relationships. Is your confidence not where you want it to be? Do you lack a clear vision…or is your vision so big you’re overwhelmed? Are your patterns not supporting your goals? Are you irritable? In a huge transition? Or are you craving one? Is your relationship in a rut…or are you taking your relationship to the next level, and need pre-marriage counselingIf you said yes to any of these, it’s time for us to talk!

If you’re ready to get results that change the direction of your life in real, meaningful ways, that you’ve been struggling to find on your own, let’s do it together! Click here now to schedule a free consultation…my gift to you!

One thought on “Holiday Trimming

  1. Your book is a must read for the high school, college age person, and for anyone who wants to make a change in their life.


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