Note to Self: A Letter to the Teenage Me

Hello love,

I remember our 13th year; however you’re feeling as you find this letter, I understand. This is all for your good. I’m reaching out because I wanted to shine a guiding light in the darkness I know is surrounding you. There’s one thing you should remember.

You are ENOUGH.

Your loving heart may be taken for granted; it will even be called naïve. Love anyways.

You’ll be told you’re ugly. That you’re overweight. It’s puberty.

You’ll hear the shaming of your sexuality. Be proud.

You’ll be told you’re less than what you dream. Believe.

You won’t know what to do. Have faith.

You won’t know who to follow. Take the lead.

You’ll feel like you don’t fit in. Stand out.

You’ll cope the only way you know how. GET SOBER.

People will let you down. Those you trust aren’t aiming to break your spirit; they’re scared. Egos bruised by the course of their own evolution, they no longer experience your ambition; they don’t understand the Source of your inspiration. They don’t see why you keep going. And they’ll think it’s easier to break you than heal themselves, all in effort to not be left behind.

Show them.

Show them compassion.

Show them connection.

Show them there’s another way.

You feel like you’re meant for more, because you ARE. We all are. Each of us must choose to be obedient to our call. It’s okay to lean into the generous assumptions you’ve made about yourself. They’re true. I’ll let you in on a little secret; everything you’ve set your mind to accomplish, you’ve done. Not by your power alone, but through the direction of your Universal Guide.

Everything you’re encountering is with purpose. You’re being divinely led to fuel the evolution of your soul. You’re experiencing a fast-track that will shake you up to wake you up. And if anyone is counting you out, it’s because you counted in the first place.

You are worth it. You are worthy. And you are ENOUGH.

Stick around. I promise you…

It really gets good.


Your Matured Heart



Cameron Garvin is a writing contributor of To learn more, visit or email

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