Embrace Your Badassness

To my aggressively ambitious friends who intend to accomplish BIG things in the world in this lifetime:

You need to know this…success is engrained in your destiny.

Your self-confidence simply makes room for your ambition.

And your ambition is simply an asset you employ to accomplish all you’ve set out to do in this life.

So the next time someone allows their envy of you, or their resentment toward themselves for not loving themselves like you do, to criticize your confidence or boldness or beauty, remind yourself of this truth:

Success is literally engrained in your destiny.

When someone tries to belittle you, they are simply being little.

Embracing the limitless nature of the divine within you and tapping into the fullness of who you’ve come here to be is SOOO much more important than worrying about making small-minded people feel more comfortable around you. The world is in NO way served by you shrinking back and being a lesser version of your glory. In fact, the opposite is true. When you shed the limitations and boundaries that you’ve embraced over the years, and really start to embrace the bigness of you (and the divine within you) you will actually create a lift in the environment around you. That’s how true leaders raise others up. By genuinely and consistently show up in their day to day world, living an elevated life.

A rising tide lifts all the boats.

Chin up.
Shoulders back.
Feel the bigness of who you are expanding in your heart.

Now go on about your day remembering, and reminding others, of the badass you really are.

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