Embrace Your Badassness

To my aggressively ambitious friends who intend to accomplish BIG things in the world in this lifetime: You need to know this…success is engrained in your destiny. Your self-confidence simply makes room for your ambition. And your ambition is simply an asset you employ to accomplish all you’ve set out to do in this life. […]

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A Love Note from the Universe

You are worthy of the time and attention and validation from both yourself and the world around you. You are simply magnificent, beloved. Stunning in all your ways. The magic and love that dwells in you (is you) is beyond the capacities of the English language. And it’s irresistibly magnetizing. So, yes. You deserve your […]

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4 Things I’m Focused on at 36

I’ve spent the last few months letting go of people, things, habits, fears, resentments…dead things in my life. Because at some point you have to stop watering dead plants, right? I’ve been making space in my life so that what I want can ease on in. Some things have been surprisingly easy, and some things have been super hard. Through that process of sifting I’ve gleaned 4 areas of my life that bring me the most fulfillment…4 areas I intend to focus more of my life resources on at age 36. I thought I’d share those things with my friends and followers, so you know what the next year will look like for me…and maybe even inspire some of you to join me on the journey in your own way!

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