6 Tips To THRIVING In The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

As you know, the planets are swirling around at all times. What you may not think much about is that their movements affect us just as flares from the Sun, or even our position in relation to the Sun does. Mercury’s journey, though, seems to have more of an impact than the others. For those who think I’m referring to a music festival, let me briefly explain…

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Holiday Trimming

Listen. I realize it’s the holiday season, and you feel the pressure to make everyone happy in your life right now. But let me give you a piece of advice. Cut out the negativity from your personal life. Cut out the time-wasters and excuse makers. Cut out those who refuse to grow, and those who […]

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My favorite time of year

I know I say this every season (because I love them all) but the holiday season is extra special to me. As I prepare for Thanksgiving next week, I’m starting to “get in the holiday spirit.” I’d like to share a free holiday wallpaper with all my friends. Click here to download now! I’m also excited to share […]

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